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List of Licence Jurisdictions by Country

Compliance rules and regulations for financial services and forex broker licences may vary from country to country in terms of offered leverage, regulatory capital, reporting requirements, and investor protections.

The application procedure for a forex broker license can be quite complicated and time consuming.  You will save time and money taking our support to guide you through it.  We will ensure the correct procedures are followed and get the licence you want.

Countries and Regulators

United Kingdom FCA


One of the most highly respected  jurisdictions, a UK forex licence brings credibility to a financial services firm.  The regulatory body responsible for the issuing of forex licenses and monitoring of activity is the Financial Conduct Authority, known as the FCA.  Forex brokers are licensed to have either full market-maker permissions or given a matched-principle licence (agency model, STP). 

Bahamas SCB


The Bahamas has a 90-year modern-day financial services history paralleling regulation’s evolution in the US, UK and Europe.  Under the country’s legislative framework, the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) is the country’s regulator with a purpose to “contribute to the growth and development of a financial services sector that is vibrant and competitive.” 

Vanuatu FSC


The regulatory body responsible for the issuing of licenses and monitoring financial services activities is the Vanuatu Financial Services Commissions, also known as the VFSC.  The VFSC was established to provide a regulatory framework for all financial companies from rule making and investigatory practices, to powers of enforcement and ensuring statutory conditions are met. 

Australia ASIC


The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia's corporate regulator.   Australia is an advanced economy with sophisticated banking and financial services.  ASIC's role is to enforce and regulate company and financial services laws to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors.  

New Zealand FMA and FSP


New Zealand has a modern, developed economy and a high standard of living.  Major trading partners are Australia, US, Japan, China, and Germany.  New Zealand takes pride in well-developed communication, business and commercial infrastructure and a high standard of professional services.  The legal and banking professions are also of high level. 

Singapore MAS


Undoubtedly an advanced and bustling economy, Singapore thrives on an excellent infrastructure, highly educated labour force, political stability and an efficient business environment.  Singapore is an ideal holding company and headquarters location and a gateway for foreign investments in to the emerging economies of Asia, such as China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. 

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Cyprus CySEC


The former offshore shipping, banking and commerce center, now European Union member, gives Cyprus a strong and strategic base to serve three continents.  Its well-educated workforce forms the basis for a strong financial services sector.

Malta FSA


Malta’s strategic geographical location and accession as a member of the European Union has stimulated significant developments in its economy, and the country has become firmly established as a reputable business and financial center.

Ireland CBI


Ireland is an open, modern, trade-dependent economy; and, European Union member.  With a sophisticated and well-regulated financial services sector, the jurisdiction is a viable alternative to the UK for firms seeking EU access.

Dubai FSA


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become an attractive option due to the Free Economic Zones that offer a number of advantages to companies seeking tax-free opportunities.  Dubai's reputation and its status as an international hub has great appeal to financial service institutions.

Mauritius FSC


Mauritius has developed in to a middle-income diversified economy with growing industrial, financial and tourism sectors.  The government's development strategy centres on foreign investment; attracting entities aimed at commerce in India and South Africa. 

Seychelles FSA


A fast-growing and well-established offshore jurisdictions Seychelles laws take a most comprehensive, modern and attractive approach to the establishment and operation of offshore companies, mutual funds, offshore banking, offshore insurance and freeport activities.

Belize IFSC


Belize is committed to the development of its country as an offshore jurisdiction. The government ensures that its policies and legislation continue to meet the needs and interests of the international financial community in an environment which engenders trust and confidence. 

British Virgin Islands FSC


BVI is a very popular and widely used jurisdiction for offshore companies and financial services because of administrative ease, flexibility, taxation exempt status and the fact that the jurisdiction is widely accepted and understood by the international financial community.  

Cayman Islands CIMA


The Cayman Islands consists of a group of three islands in the Caribbean situated approximately 480 miles southeast of Miami.  The economy of the Islands is strong, enjoying full employment with most of the revenue being derived from the financial services sector and tourism. 

Switzerland FINMA


The regulatory body responsible for the framework, standards and requirements of companies in the financial services industry is known as FINMA – Swiss Financial Markets Authority.

Luxembourg CSSF


Luxembourg’s reputation is as a trustworthy political and economic partner.  The economic policy of Luxembourg is characterised by the highly professional and dynamic spirit of the country.

Hong Kong SFC


With the capitalist system, legal structure and lifestyle remain unchanged, Hong Kong remains a free port with a free flow of capital and a gateway for financial services to mainland China.

Bulgaria FSC


Bulgaria has become a very interesting choice for operating a financial services business due to the geographic location. The country is a member of the European Union neighboring Turkey and on the doorstep of Asia. 



Because Latvia is part of the European Union, it has a greater degree of credibility than some of the other jurisdictions. Latvian registration is common among new brokers because it gains access to clients in Europe and Russia. 

Georgia NBG


With a geographic location that equally

caters to Asia and Europe, and a liberal, free-market business environment, Georgia has become an attractive jurisdiction for establishing financial service businesses.

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